mom on a mission

Every parent has been there: that feeling of helplessness and desperation when your child is hurting, immediately followed by the urge to find a solution that will make it “all better.”

So what’s a mom to do when her children inherit her own mosquito-attracting blood?

We tried everything. Creams, ice, dryer sheets, even the hot spoon trick. You name it, we tried it. Every. Single. Thing. None of the remedies provided more than a few moments of itch relief, let alone diminish the pain and swelling that would cause my oldest daughter to suffer for days.

“My heart ached for her and I became motivated to find a better option.”

I dove into research and explored how other countries were combating insect bites. I took a chance on ordering an unfamiliar product that used suction to eliminate the irritant. Skeptical but hopeful, we tried it…and it worked! This all-natural device not only provided me instant relief, but lessened the longer term effects of insect bites and stings from the start.

This product was a game-changer for my family.

We kept it on hand for daily use and I knew other families would too if they only knew it existed. I branded it and brought it to the U.S. with the vision of giving other parents the power to overcome that same helplessness I once felt.

I am now a Mom on a Mission to educate the world on a better way to alleviate the effects of mosquito, bee, wasp and ant bites & stings.


I come from a long line of women entrepreneurs and my mom continues to serve as a guiding light in our Bug Bite Thing business.

This brand is a part of my family, and my family is a part of this brand.

Family is incredibly important to us and we are already training the next generation. My girls are learning about the supply chain (they already know all the delivery drivers by name!) and love to show others how the suction works.