Real Stories

Incredible relief from a walking mosquito buffet

It's pretty hard to sway me one way or another on a product. Very rarely do products stand out positively or negatively, but boy does this product stand out. I was pretty doubtful when my mother-in-law gifting this to me because I've never found a product that really helps with the mosquitoes or itching until now. There are people that get bit by mosquitoes and black flies and the like, and then there are the people that get eaten alive by them. I take my dog out into the back yard and I turn into a mosquito buffet on two legs. People usually think I joke about how bad they are, but I'm always the first to get a mosquito bite in the year and the last to still have one (and always have the proof on my arms and legs...). My wife can get bit and it will go away after 5 minutes. I get bit and it swells and itches for a week. This year, every local store has been sold out of bug spray because of how bad the mosquitoes are this year. So on to the actual product review: This product is beyond amazing. I have tried ChiggerX (worked okay but was really messy), anti-itch cream, any kind of citronella candle, stick, spray, home recipes, and everything under the sun. Usually I have to bathe in Deet to not be bothered by mosquitoes, and let's face it, sometimes you just miss a spot or they are too hungry to bother even stopping for all the prevention put in place. This is where the product comes in, with moderate prevention, I don't worry about the bug bites that do happen. I don't fear I'm going to have 10 bug bites before I go to work and itch all day because my dog decided to take a stroll along the woods instead of doing her business and getting back in the house. Final remarks: I'm leaving this review because I lost mine on a recent trip and honestly am buying three replacements (were cheaper in bulk off the website). I figured others who are like me and hate going outside because of the miserable itching that results for weeks from bug bites could find an actual working solution for itch relief finally.
- Albert

What have I been doing my whole life without this?

Where ever I go, mosquitoes seem to seek me out. I can be in a large geoup of people and I will always walk away with the most mosquito bites. If I make the short walk from house to car then car to work, i have another few mosquito bites. If you get mosquito bites even occasionally, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!! I don’t understand how it works but it works WONDERS! I just got a mosquito bite this morning, immediately used this product on the bite, and havent felt the urge to scratch since then. I’m keeping this product with me at all times forever!!
-Katy Dohr

I love this thing!

I love this thing! I have horrible reactions to mosquito bites, I just get huge welts and scratch until I have scabs all over. This usually reduces the bite to a little numb that barely itches! Thanks for making such a great product!

Can’t live without this!!!!

This is my life saver. I get eaten alive by mosquitoes at the Colorado River in Yuma, AZ. I have the worst reaction as well. I have tried every bug repellent and nothing helps. I figured since I can’t prevent getting bit, I would give this a try to help with recovery. So glad I ordered it because it’s changed my life. I love it so much I ended up buying a 3 Pack just to have them everywhere. Good thing I did...last weekend at the river a wasp crawled up my 4 year old nephews board shorts, bit him 4 times. Within seconds after using The Big Bite Thing he was 100% fine.

What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mosquitos luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv me. People sit next to me at campfires 'cause they won't get bitten. The bites stay sensitive for a week or more - until now. The suction works both on new and on old bites. The new ones are taken care of right away. I think when a bite is established, the irritation becomes self perpetuating, but if I use the Bug Bite Thing each time the itch starts up again, it pulls the irritant out, and the relief comes within a day, instead of lasting a week or more. You have changed my life for the better. Thank you!
-Susan Reynolds

Game Changer!

I rarely write reviews but this product has been a total game changer for me so I had to share! This absolutely works on mosquito bites! It STOPS the itching. I usually use it 3 times in a row on new bites just to make sure. I used it on some old bites as well and it also helped. I am amazed that this works so well but now I will never go without it! No more miserable itching and the bites heal so much faster since I’m not scratching at them and making them worse! Definitely worth the price for instant long lasting relief!
-Liz C.

I Had to Order Another One

Being skeptical about whether this gadget worked or not, I ordered one Bug Bite Thing. Because I was going to Minnesota to visit my daughter and grandchildren, I had the Bug Bite Thing shipped to her house. The part of Minnesota that she lives in is notorious for its mosquitoes and mosquitoes seem to be really drawn to me. When I arrived, my daughter had already received and opened my package and she was raving about how well it worked on my grandchildren's mosquito bites. When I got my first mosquito bite, I used it and it did work and nobody was scratching. Being an indulgent grandmother, I left my Bug Bite Thing with them when I started home and I ordered another to be shipped to my home in Texas. I probably should have ordered several.
-Nancy French-Todd

Just what I needed!

This little tool is really remarkable. I am a mosquito magnet and typically bites last 4 to 7 days for me with regular itching. The antihistamine creams have never been very effective for me, and thus I was kind of skeptical about this product, but I decided to give it a try. I'm amazed at its effectiveness. I've used it at least 10 times in the past week (doing a lot of gardening and getting a lot of bites!) and it does exactly what it says - removes the itchiness. A couple of bites have needed a second treatment - most don't itch again after the first treatment (3 suctions of about 15 seconds each). I have used it on bites all over - legs, back, arms, and even knuckles (with the small end) and it is consistently effective. I am so glad I bought it and am giving one to my parents. I can't believe something so simple is so effective, and yet has never been offered before commercially. This tool is the must-have tool for my summer garden season. It even works on our helicopter-sized Canadian mosquitoes. Absolutely recommend this product without reservation!


I had to use this within an hour of it being delivered. It truly does what it claims to do! Not only do I seem to attract mosquitoes, their bites often leave a huge swollen area about the size of a quarter and itch for days. The bug bite thing provides instant relief from the itching and the swelling quickly subsides. I am so glad they have the reversible top for areas where the larger side would not work. I got several bites around my ankle and the smaller side of the top worked just fine. Strongly, strongly recommend this product!

Instant relief!

I used this one time on a mosquito bite that I'd scratched open (ouch!) and it worked immediately! My husband used it and said it stopped the itching for him, too. We love it!
-Vickie Long